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Switched On: Read Our Lighting Guides

We've all done it, fallen in love with something that just isn't right for us. Most of the time it's little more than disappointment to contend with. When it comes to lighting however, it's important that you pick with your head as well as your heart to make sure you have the right light for the right usage. And avoid any unwanted shocks.

1. A Guide to IP

Indoor lighting hung from the ceiling at different heights


IP simply means Ingress Protection. Our IP guide explains the IP rating each light has been given allowing you to gauge what your light will withstand regarding moisture and solid objects, such as dust. Read our IP Guide in full here.

2. Bathroom Lighting Safety

Illuminated bathroom light over a bathroom mirror

Not sure what IP rating your light requires for your bathroom? Use our bathroom zone chart to determine what you'll need for each area of your bathroom. View our Bathroom Zone Chart here.

3. Wattage It All Mean?

LED light bulb next to box on a wooden floor

Find out all about wattage ratings, lumens and colour temperatures with our guide to LED bulbs here.


To browse our full range of lighting, including our indoor, outdoor and bathroom collections click here