Hoses & Watering


Browse our wide range of practical, yet stylish watering cans and hoses to keep your garden flourishing. Made from durable steel, our watering cans come in a variety of capacities, from 1.5 to 10 litres, ensuring you have the right size for every task. For those looking to make watering chores even easier, explore our collection of high-quality garden hoses.


Our specially chosen selection includes everything you need for efficient distribution of water to your grass, garden or delicate plant life. A quality garden hose is an essential for every home with an outdoor space. Whether you’re refreshing the plant life, hosing down the car, or giving the dog a light shower, a garden hose will provide the ability to utilise water in a controlled and varied manner. Choose a hose pipe with an adjustable spray gun for ultimate control over whatever outdoor task you’re undertaking. To keep your hose neatly stored out the way and tangle-free, consider our range of wall hose hangers.


A sturdy galvanised steel water butt is perfect for collecting and holding rainwater long term, ensuring you have resources to keep your plants hydrated even in the hottest months. There’s no better way to prepare for a hose pipe ban than having low-effort water reserves storing water from rainier days. For more precision or indoor plants, check out our range of misters for delicate plant watering, ensuring your more sensitive plants take in just the right amount of moisture.


Whether you’re using hoses and water butts for larger outdoor areas or a mister or watering cans for more accurate watering, our selection is designed to meet your green-fingered needs. Discover the perfect tools to grow and maintain a beautiful garden with our range above.

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