Storage & Shelving


If you are looking for storage and shelving that captures the vibe of the British countryside home, you’re in right place. Storage is essential for any tidy/organised home, and we have a variety of solutions for keeping your living space clear. Whether you prefer a metal storage unit or a flexible basket shelf, we have options that combine practicality with country charm.


Our basket shelves offer a unique and attractive way to keep your items organised. Mixing our open baskets and shelving is a great way to show off decorative items whilst keeping clutter under control.


For those who love the simplicity of woven braided textures, our storage baskets are ideal. These versatile baskets can be used in any room, from your living room to the bathroom, providing a down-to-earth rustic storage solution.


Check out our collection today and find the ideal shelving or storage solution that suits your style. Bask in the country appeal of Garden Trading’s storage and shelving options to create an organised and charming living space that feels like a countryside getaway.

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