Discover Garden Trading’s collection of British countryside inspired baskets, bringing the charm of country living into your home. Made from high quality durable materials such as rattan, metal, jute or seagrass, your clothes, goodies and picnic items are safe and sound in our sturdy storage baskets.


The classic rattan laundry basket, also known as a washing basket, is a must have for any home wishing to exude British countryside home vibes. Not only are they essential household items, laundry baskets double as storage for clothes or other fabrics in both the long term and the short term, all whilst projecting that rustic appeal. 


There is no easier way of introducing those outdoor vibes to your indoor living spaces than storing your essentials in natural outdoor materials. A storage basket instantly adds a touch of natural countryside appeal to your home and offers a safe home for items that are being stowed away, whether that be for a long time or accessed often. 


For those with log burners or outdoor fire pits, our selection of log baskets are ideal for housing your firewood in a practical and attractive fashion. There’s something aesthetically pleasing about seeing firewood stacked inside of a finely weaved log basket. 


In those warmer months where you feel the urge to go outside and explore, a picnic basket is the perfect companion for you and the nibbles you’ve chosen to carry to your outdoor dining location. 


Check out our extensive basket selection above, hand picked by us to provide you with the most visually appealing and functional storage options.

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