Our Story

Welcome. We design for you, with everyday living in mind.

There's something for everyone at Garden Trading. From beautifully curated storage, accessories and kitchenware to furniture, lighting and outdoor seating, our cohesive collections consider every little detail of your living space and are designed to combine practical and uncluttered function with effortless style.


In 1994, our founder launched Garden Trading as a garden-focused business. After establishing a career developing products for some of the world's leading retailers, he wanted to blend simple, stunning design with high quality outdoor products that would stand the test of time. Trust in the brand quickly developed and Garden Trading extended its roots, moving into indoor collections that met the growing needs of its customers.


Fast-forward to 2024 and we’re still taking inspiration from both the British countryside and city lifestyle trends. Following our brand’s acquisition by the Joules Group in February 2021, Garden Trading was given a fresh opportunity to flourish in December 2022, under the new ownership of the likeminded Tim Group Holdings. In 2023 we made the move from the rolling hills of Oxfordshire to Wiltshire, where we continue to take huge pride in designing and developing each of our collections, before our product team scours the globe to find innovative materials and highly skilled artisans to bring our ideas to life.

Our expansion into Lighting, Homeware, Indoor Furniture and Kitchenware means we now have over 1500 lines in our collection. We also enjoy a great relationship with 2500 leading retailers who are able to offer our products to customers worldwide. Whilst delighted by our growth and success, we are most proud that all of our products are still consistently designed with love, to last; remaining true to the company’s original core values and vision to this day.

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