Pots & Planters


Explore Garden Trading's range of stylish and functional indoor plant pots to house all of your greenery. From large indoor plant pots perfect for giant cheese plants, to hanging plant pots to display trailing vines and strings of hearts, our collection has every size and style you’ll need to suit your home and plants.


If you're looking for a statement piece, discover colourful, textured pots in a range of materials, from cement to ceramic, woven jute to rattan. These designs are perfect for showcasing your favourite indoor plants and adding a touch of style to your home decor.


For trailing plants, our indoor hanging plant pots are a perfect choice. Create a vertical garden or add a touch of greenery to any space with these hanging designs, as well as our variety of wall plant pots to maximise space for all your indoor greenery.


If you're looking to grow your own herbs, our herb pots are the perfect solution, while our plant bowls are a unique way to create a living centrepiece for your dining table or coffee table.

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