Victoria Summer's Utility Heroes

16th Feb 2024

Utility room with grey in-frame cabinets accented by brass handles, surrounded by wood panelling. A white worktop holds a first aid box, washing tablet box, feather duster, garden scissors, brushes, an enamel jug, and a soap dispenser.

As the great textile designer William Morris once so wisely imparted, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” We heeded that advice when carefully curating our laundry and utility collection. From sink side to storage, every piece enhances the everyday with its beautiful texture and natural finish, proving that handy household staples can excel at doing the job, whilst still being stylish. This week we caught up with our old friend  Victoria Summer, aka @summerhousestyle, who has made it her mission to make light work of household chores. Read on to discover her top picks from our hardworking ranges, all of which make laundry days at her London home a breeze…

Wooden zigzag dryer in a utility room with clean tea towels and a shirt hanging to dry. Open cleaning cupboard with a utility bucket filled with cleaning products.


Victoria’s verdict: “This is the perfect clothes horse. Even though I have a hanging maiden, there are always days where the laundry piles up so much I need extra space. Crafted in beautiful beech rather than the usual plastic that floods the market, my Zig Zag folds completely flat and is really nice to look at, so I hang it on pegs in the utility. When I do need it to spring into action, its classic concertina design can fold out to a generous length of 151cm. This means a full load has plenty of space to dry quickly, especially when the dryer’s placed in a sunny spot in my utility room. I also use my Zig Zag dryer in the garden during the summer months.”

The perfect width for conveniently hanging or slotting into a slim gap, our hardworking  Zig Zag Dryer can be easily stored away. It unfolds in a second, ensuring it’s on hand for quick, efficient drying and airing, whatever the weather. Our top tip? We recommend preserving the natural beauty of this everyday piece by always wringing out your laundry thoroughly before hanging it up. Our hardwearing, untreated beech wood is designed to stand the test of time, but it definitely thrives best when it’s kept dry.


Our multi-functional Original Utility Bucket is your best bet for ensuring that household necessities stay beautifully organised. Perfect for storing and transporting cleaning supplies and cloths in the kitchen, bathroom and utility room, it can also stow away all of your gardening essentials in the shed. Crafted from durable steel in both Chalk and Carbon finishes, this design features a practical hinged wooden handle for easy transport as you tackle your everyday chores in different rooms.

Victoria’s verdict : “The traditional aesthetic is a big part of my cleaning caddy’s appeal, but it is just so practical too! I love this bucket so much that I actually have two; one furnishing a cupboard upstairs and the other stored under my utility room sink. That way, all my products are safely stowed and close to hand wherever I’m cleaning, so I don’t have to transport armfuls of them around the house.”

Utility room with wooden panelling with Vathy Soap Dish on the worktop and a dustpan and brush sitting on the floor.


With its rustic uncoated base and off-white glazed finish, our Vathy Soap Dish exudes a coastal vibe, making it a timeless addition to any sink area. Victoria’s verdict: “I’ve felt liquid soap hasn’t cut it recently and have enjoyed a return to a more traditional bar to get properly clean. There’s something reassuring about using proper soap in a proper dish.”

Keen to go back to basics and make the switch from abrasive chemicals to natural formulas that are gentle on the planet, yet tough on grease? Embrace your spring clean with our top 3…


  1. For the perfect streak-free shine, combine 1 part distilled white vinegar with 9 parts water and a dash of lemon juice to wipe glass and mirrors.
  2. Make light work of stubborn stains in ovens, on painted walls and furniture by scouring with a damp sponge sprinkled with baking soda.
  3. Infuse your conscious living products with a few drops of your favourite essential oil, such as lavender, cedarwood or neroli, for an uplifting welcome as you walk through the door.


Victoria’s verdict: ‘This set’s so handy to have in the cupboard - easier than a traditional dustpan and gentler on tired backs!”

Indulge in the convenience of our Long Handle Dustpan and Brush, a set that combines practicality with style. Designed to simplify various household tasks, this versatile tool will happily feature in your everyday cleaning routine, ensuring precise and effortless sweeping, without the need for uncomfortable bending or reaching.

Created from sturdy beech, our durable and resilient dustpan and brush is ideal for constant use around your home. Boasting an ability to access even the most challenging corners, the brush also seamlessly fits into the stand of the dustpan when it’s not in use. Whether you choose to store it next to your kitchen bin, in a cupboard - or in your utility room - this compact toolset sits beautifully in situ and will always be at the ready for its next job.

Lady using a wooden ironing board and clothes drying on a zigzag wooden clothes dryer


Crafted from solid Beech, our Ironing Board features a well-balanced design and an ample ironing area. Whether you're tackling creases in freshly washed bed linen or newly cleaned curtains, this board effortlessly handles large-scale ironing tasks. For convenient storage, simply fold the board when not in use.

We've ensured that our Ironing Board’s natural characteristics and wood grains are visible for an organic effect. A hardwearing and more durable upgrade from metal alternatives, it can be easily matched with one of our perfectly fitting  ironing board covers, including our  Hatherop design, which is crafted in a geo striped cotton print that adds just a touch of charcoal pattern to neutral spaces. To achieve the ultimate coordinated look in your laundry room, this cover can be paired with the tea towel, peg and storage bags, in our  Hatherop range.

Victoria’s verdict: “I’ve never owned an ironing board that’s so robust you can safely prop your iron on it (and mine is heavy!) It’s a work of art this board; wider than you’d typically expect and can be finished off with the prettiest selection of covers, too.”

Enamel 1L Measuring Jug filled with flowers


Every kitchen needs traditional staples that promise to simplify the process of cooking and baking. Constructed from warm white enamel, our convenient Measuring Jug has a capacity of 1000ml/1L and features clear measurements printed on its inner surface, making it your ideal partner to tackle any recipe.

Victoria’s verdict: “This timeless design is perfect for showcasing on my open shelving. Although it’s made for measuring, I find it so pretty I actually use mine for displaying flowers.”

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