Hallway Accessories


Add the final finishing touches to your entranceway with our range of hallway accessories. Our door stops, draught excluders, and umbrella stands are meticulously designed to complement every type of interior style, ensuring your hallway space is practical and inviting.


Ensure your doors remain in place with our selection of door stops. Crafted from the highest quality materials, such as granite, wood, jute and cement, these door accessories are both practical and stylish. A good sturdy door wedge will prevent doors from slamming and bring a functional yet charming touch to your existing hallway décor. Eliminate draughts and keep your home well insulated with our jute and cotton draught excluders. Sitting snugly against doors, our draught excluders ensure your heating remains economical and you’re not on the wrong end of a cold breeze.


Maintain a clutter-free hallway with our selection of umbrella stands. Available in a variety of quality materials, such as steel, oak or rattan, our umbrella stands add a touch of order and sophistication to your entranceway, providing a convenient area for housing umbrellas on rainy days.


Complete your entranceway with our collection of hallway accessories and create a welcoming space for you and your loved ones to enter. Browse our range today and discover the perfect door stops, draught excluders, and umbrella stands for your home.

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