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Time to Try | Something New For The New Year

What we love most about a new year starting is the endless possibilities it brings. Whether it's starting over or starting something completely newm, there are so many different opportunities open to us when January rolls around. 

If you're thinking about finding a new hobby before the month is out, we have just what you need to get your started.

Going Green

woman with trowel planting in a raised vegetable bed

Even though it's a little cold outside right now, if you're thinking you'd like to make your garden the focus this year, now is the ideal time for getting things ready for the year to come. Start by cleaning your tools, pots and organising your greenhouse, making Spring gardening so much easier when it rolls around. Alternatively, start planning your outdoor design with pots, planters and lighting and you'll be raring to go when the weather improves. Take a peak at our sale to get some lovely items at great prices.

Into Interiors

Natural knitting needles and wool in a white round tray with buttons and ribbons in two small jars

We spend a lot of time in our indoor spaces at this time of year, and after all the Christmas decorations have been stored away, things can look a little bare. If you're up to the challenge, why not create something for yourself that won't be available anywhere else. Arm knitting has become increasingly popular over the past couple of years and with easy-to-follow youTube tutorials  you can create a beautiful throw in very little time. Our creative GT knitters use our round tray to store their wool and our sprinkle jars to house their buttons and smaller embellishments - clever clogs that lot. 

If you're in need of some inspiration for styling your rooms, check out our Instagram page and see how our stylist, Sarah, uses her magic to create looks that are calming, functional and workable for every size and style of home.

Feel Good Food

Cake recipe in an antique brass and 5 spice jars in front

It's still winter and the nights are still dark and cold. Let's be honest, who doesn't feel like slumping in front of the TV with something comforting to eat? Well, we can at least make it as tasty as can be. One of our favourite sources of #foodinspo is @FeedFeed on Instagram. Not only is the photography awe-inspiring but the almost-too-good-to-eat dishes are non-surprisingly super delicious. Take a look here to get all those #foodfeels and then have a go recreating them yourself - we're happy to volunter for any necessary taste testing. 

Tiny Tweaks

Green smoothies with a healthy recipe and shopping list on a table

If you're anything like us at GTHQ, on your list for this year was probably a vow to eat more heathily. We're starting simply by drinking more water throughout the day (and doing away with the bottled variety), eating a healthy breakfast and making ourselves lovely green smoothies packed full of veggies with a little fruit for an easy healthy win. And by dumping all the peelings into a compost bucket, we're taking good care of the planet too. Don't we feel virtuous!


Pencils in a blue felt pot with a moveable drawing figure, vintage books and writing pads

Bullet Journalling was a big trend a couple of years ago for goal setting, but daily writing in general has been shown to be good for mental health and productivity. Clear a small space in your home where you can be uninterrupted for a few minutes and get to writing. Whether it's ideas, notes or making lists of things you encounter which pique your interest, a journal is the ideal way to record moments you may later forget. And who knows what those little nuggets of wisdom will inspire when you look back on them later in the year. 

What are you learning new for 2019? We'd love to hear what you'll be up to, and if you use any of our products in more unusal ways to help you with projects. Feel free to share in the comments below.

Good luck and happy hobbying!