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Planting Stratton Planters

Our Stratton Cement Bowls are simply stunning and add a modern touch to any home. With a smooth finish and neutral appearance, they look gorgeous planted up but equally they work just as well as fruit or salad bowls.

Karen in the Garden Trading team had a great idea of planting the bowls up with salad. Not only does this idea add some vibrant freshness to a kitchen island or table centre, but it also ensures that we keep reaching for those fresh greens as our cravings for hearty winter dishes kick in.

This is also a great way to make eating salad more appealing to children, encouraging them to plant/grow their own and taste the results. With the October Half Term approaching, keep the idea in mind when you need something to occupy them on a wet day!

If the salad idea doesn’t take your fancy, try some fresh herbs instead –  Karen planted up the smaller Stratton bowl with Thyme. Once planted, store on a sunny windowsill and you have fresh herbs to hand for cooking while also adding some decorative interest to your kitchen too.

Pick up your Stratton Bowls today - we’d love to hear how you’re using them!