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Garden Trading

Grown in the UK

All of our products here at Garden Trading are “Grown in the UK” and produced with trusted factories to deliver high quality products at the very best price.

Our product development team work tirelessly to keep our product range fresh and exciting, and our inspiration comes from so many varied sources - be it a graphic from a piece of wallpaper which sparked our partnership with MissPrint (see our gorgeous Muscat Enamel Range) to a salvaged vintage item that we feel deserves a new lease of life.

We like to use nostalgic designs, but sometimes in a different context like our Vintage Top Up Jug that began life as an old oil can for topping up lawn mowers. Found discarded in an old garage, we sent the design to our loyal factory who hand tooled a sample in our fresh chalk colour to allow precise pouring when topping up an iron or even watering  house plants. The quirky shape simply appealed to us and was a great chance to update a genuinely functional design.

Much of our inspiration comes from the natural world around us particularly when selecting shapes and materials, we always prefer the natural unfinished beauty of a material in its raw state rather than over-complicating it with varnishes and secondary seals. Our raw oak and slate ranges are testament to this, however we enjoy the contrast of a clean straight edge against a more textured and tactile surface.

I am sure we see the world through bizarre lenses sometimes, noticing a random hardware shape or hinge which might form the base of a new range.  Our Tetbury Planters came from admiring the neat line of rivets on an old cattle trough seen regularly on walks in the Downs, this sparked a chain of inspiration and drawings sent to the factory to create what is now our Tetbury Planter complete with raised rivet like design detail and familiar bull nose ring.

Necessity being the mother of all invention does often trigger a need for a particular design to ‘solve’ a problem… be it our reluctance to buy bottled water at vast expense whilst creating additional recycling.  As regularly quoted at home “Perfectly Drinkable Tap Water” was an obvious motto to add to our vintage water bottles and complementary glassware range. 

Likewise our love of relaxed entertaining, sharing of tastes and foods with friends and family launched a flurry of tapas style items; Help Yourself Slate Serving Boards and  Tapas Jars with  ‘Dip, Nibble and Share’ are perfect picnic or entertaining jars that should be filled and used just as they say!

This is just the tip of the iceberg, every product you see for sale has a similar story behind it and has been inspired by something we feel passionate about. This has led to a wide range of products that we feel fulfil a genuine purpose while looking great too - and explains why most of our pay checks seems to go straight back into Garden Trading products! 

Vintage Top Up Jug