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Go Classic this Spring

I’m not known for frills or too much decoration which is why these hard wearing and classically simple St Mawes Teak Planters are my favourites this Spring.

 The reclaimed teak has a lovely honey coloured finish and texture which will age beautifully outdoors into a silver grey. You can’t see it in the pictures, but the wood has a lovely grainy texture which adds an amazing rusticity to the planters.

 One of the clever things about these planters, is that the base has been raised internally to avoid too much contact with soggy ground, and with a central drainage hole it allows your plant to flourish and create whatever sculptural shape you desire. Check out our range of Plant Supports if you’re trying your hand at some sculpting this year, I love the Barrington Flared Support which instantly add a touch of vintage to any garden.

 I love a grouping of the three different sizes to add some height and architecture to a garden, or the taller column planter works brilliantly when set as a pair to border an entrance way or create a partial screen  – perfect for drawing the eye in long, thin gardens and adding some interest.

 With such a simple design the plant will dictate the style of these planters; I adore more wispy Mediterranean Olives or Rosemary, however a tall Box or Bay tree creates a classic shape for the squared planters, whereas spikey tropical grasses would look stunning and give a more dramatic and contemporary take on these designs. 

 Decide what mood takes you…

St Mawes Teak Planters

By Sarah Morison
Product Development at Garden Trading