Christmas Decorating | 5 Steps to Make a Festive Wreath

16th Nov 2020

This strange winter lockdown 2.0 comes with both positives and negatives, just like lockdown 1.0 we all know we can't hang out with friends unless its virtually on Zoom, we can’t eat out, only eat takeaways nor can we go to the theatre or the cinema - Netflix will have to do! But we can go outside and celebrate the season that is winter and get a breath of fresh air even if it is just to walk the dog, take the kids to school or go for a run.

I am a huge fan of winter with or without Christmas, for me it is a season of striking contrasts, come November the trees are stripped bare but what lies beneath is nothing short of wondrous. Take those bare branches and beautiful twigs they come in all shapes and sizes, contorted willow and hazels to name but two strung up with dewy spiders webs through to lichen covered branches in pretty hues of green, blues and greys, they thrive in clean air and never cease to mesmerise me, I must confess to being natures biggest fan girl! Then there are the evergreens which just keep on giving when everything else is bare and what about beautiful bracken, I love it from its infantile spring unfurling through verdant summer fronds and finally its golden crispiness, and let’s not forget fluffy old mans beard or jewel like berries left entirely exposed on an otherwise naked branch, I love to stop and gather a little bit of this bounty and bring tiny reminders inside, adding them into my floral displays.

Decorated Candle Holder


This week I have been playing with wreath frames and candleholders all are perfect mediums to attach wind or tie a bit of this so called dormant season onto and make something pretty to admire whilst I am working at my desk.

Creating these decorative details doesn’t have to be difficult, I've created a few ideas for you to try yourselves. Simple achievable natural decorations which may inspire you to be a little more adventurous come Christmas time when I shall tempt you to up your game and make something a little more extravagant.

See what you think of these ideas and all you need is a bit of that wintry nature table, some snips and some garden twine, if you have a piece of ribbon add these too.

Click here to watch the IGTV of Lindsey's wreath and candle decorating virtual workshop > 

5 Steps for Making a Christmas Wreath

Wreath Decorating


1. Take the wreath that you want to decorate, and make sure you have some twine or florist wire, scissors and a pair of secateurs. Perhaps you have decided what you want to put on your wreath already, if not, go on a forage, collect some ivy and foliage from the garden or on your next walk. Tip, if you live in an urban area, car parks and playgrounds are always good places to search.

2. Start to twist the foliage around the wreath, depending on your type of wreath, interweave it with the actual wreath or rattan if possible, if not, secure the greenery with some florist wire or twine.

3. Work your way all the way around the wreath filling it with greenery, then layer up any areas that look a little sparse. Ensure that you use ample twine or florist wire to make sure everything is secure.

4. Once you have finished the greenery, add a pop of colour with some red berries, dried flowers or even some dried fruit as a final touch. These can be glued on or again, pierce with wire and wrap around the wreath.

5. For a finishing touch, tie a big festive bow at the top of the wreath and then it’s ready to hang!

Wreath on Door

Pictured: Farringdon Wreath > 

Content provided by florist Lindsey Kitchin of The White Horse Flower Co.

Lindsey began her journey into becoming a florist almost twenty years ago. The White Horse Flower Company began as a creative outlet - dabbling in flowers and working for a fellow event florist. Fast forward to 2020 she is now widely known for her loose, ‘just gathered’ style of wedding and event flowers. These days she also teaches fellow florists from around the world her loose, untamed, seasonally inspired floral style and likes nothing more than encouraging anyone to bring a little bit of the outside into their homes and workspaces. In October 2020 she launched “How To Do The Flowers” an online workshop intended for anyone wishing to try their hand at floristry and flower arranging.

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