Fairy Lights


Welcome to Garden Trading’s charming collection of fairy lights, where the spirit of softly lit British outdoor spaces mixes with the glamour of luminous string lighting. Our fairy light collection will help change your home and garden into magical spaces that exude a welcoming warmth. From captivating outdoor fairy lights that light your outdoor paths or foliage, to thoughtfully sculpted bedroom fairy lights that create a cosy hideaway, Garden Trading’s wide range of lights are sure to capture your mood perfectly.


Take advantage of the flexibility of our battery fairy lights - able to adorn any space without the worry of running cables to a power source. Don’t let cables restrict your imagination with our battery operated fairy lights that offer hassle-free decorating. For a more permanent cost-effective lighting solution, our plug in fairy lights are the ideal choice, adding a touch of whimsy to your everyday living spaces.


Transform your garden into a magical dreamscape with our garden fairy lights, built to withstand the British weather and create a charming atmosphere for you and your guests to take in and enjoy.

Enhance your special spaces with Garden Trading’s collection of fairy lights. Browse our collection above.

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