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7 Signs it's Time to Create a Home Office

There are many reasons for someone wanting to create a home office space for themselves. From beginning to work more remotely, to a simple lack of organisation around the house. Maybe you’re wondering if a home workspace is necessary for you. However, if you find any of the following nine signs relatable, it’s probably time for you to create a home office space.

1. You prefer to bring your work home with you each night

Some may call you a workaholic, you prefer the term, “dedicated.” Either way, you work long hours, your work follows you home and you prefer to work in a quiet and organized space (which isn't the kitchen table). It seems logical to create your own office outside of the office. Bonus - it’s much more welcoming than your desk at work.

2. You’re transitioning to a working remotely or starting a new jo

If you’re transitioning to working from home, you may feel like you have a lot to prove to your manager, co-workers - and to yourself. You now have the freedom to set your own schedule and work wherever you want, whenever you want, whilst wearing whatever you want. However, with that freedom comes responsibility. Can you stay on task? Can you produce work of the same quality of which you did while in the office? A private, quiet, and organised space can contribute to making that possible.

3. Your space is not your own

Currently your desk is being taken over by colouring books, crayons and life admin. It’s only a matter of time before that presentation you’ve been working on for weeks features a lovely drawing of your family on page eight. The area in which you work should be a professional, neat space and should never be treated as a toddler’s arts and crafts area. If this is the case, it’s time to create a space for yourself which will be dedicated to your work.

Farringdon wirework memo board with art postcards and to-do lists above a desk with storage pots and a lamp

4. You’re constantly misplacing notes, folders and invoices

An organised office space is key to an efficient workday. A cluttered workspace typically means a cluttered brain. Use pots, bowls and memo boards to quickly find anything in your office and never waste time searching through stacks of paper or every room in your house for one particular post-it.

Various areas and corners of your house are cluttered with random and misplaced papers, folders, notebooks, and sticky notes and you’re beginning to look like a hoarder. Like I’ve mentioned before, organization is critical. Instead of searching your entire house for a single piece of paper, simple solutions means you can immediately remove it from its designated file storage or desk tray.

Home Office wall storage with magazine rack, letter holder and file storage set above desk and next to large Greenwich wall clock

5. Interruptions seem inevitable

If you spend more time being interrupted and less time completely focused on your work, you’ll be more likely to miss deadlines and produce poorer quality work. Neither of these options are desirable. A home office space would give you privacy and thinking space to remain on track and focused without distractions. Interruptions lead to a longer work day. Or, you may find yourself working later at night just to avoid being disturbed. The only time you’re able to work in complete silence is when everyone else in the house is winding down or sleeping. But shouldn’t you be sleeping then too?

6. You’re getting too good at multitasking

Dialling into a conference call while simultaneously cooking breakfast before school is not ideal. Your brain can only give 100% focus and effort to one thing at a time. Therefore, if you are multitasking, you’re being less efficient than you need to be. Make the separation; if you’re working, you should be in your workspace worrying about nothing else other than work. If you’re spending time with your family, try to avoid replying to emails or returning calls.

7. You're noticing a dip in productivity

The confusion between work and home means you're quickly becoming less and less efficient, you don't feel like you're giving 100% and you're worried someone might notice. With some planning and organisation you can show everyone - and yourself - how well home and flexible working can, well, work.  

Whatever your reasons may be, it’s never a bad idea to have your own dedicated workspace. And decorating and designing your home office will be a fun, enjoyable process.

After all, it’s designed specifically for you. Finally, a room in the house that’s all your own. 

Home Office space with desk, memo board and shelves filled with plant pots, files and candles

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