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Winter Window Boxes

Some gardens can look a little bleak over the winter months, but planting some simple window boxes will add an instant splash of colour to banish the winter blues. With Christmas just around the corner, it’s also the perfect opportunity to add some festivity to your home’s exterior -and you’ll be surprised how easy it can be!

We’ve used our Vence Window Boxes for our containers, available in both small and large they are suitable to fit most standard window ledges and the fluted steel design adds some classical style to any country or town home.

For a quick and easy option you could pop plant pots directly into the window box and then swap and change for different colours to quickly liven up the theme on a regular basis. I opted to plant directly into the container so first I drilled some holes in the bottom and layered with gravel to allow for drainage.

Next I added a layer of soil-based compost and arranged the plants; it’s best not to remove the plants from their pots until you’ve had a play with the arrangement and are happy with the way they look. When your arrangement is planned, remove the shrubs from their pots, gently tease the roots out from where they have been compressed into the pot and fill the gaps between each plant with more compost, leaving a 5cm gap between the top of the soil and the rim of the window box. Just remember to water regularly if the rain can’t reach your window box to keep it alive until spring!

For my first window box, I decided to create some real Christmas character and opted for a Bay Tree flanked by Skimmia Temptation, to add some height with lovely textures and dimensions. The Bay Tree has a gorgeous subtle aroma and these leaves can be used for some additional flavour in your home cooked dishes. When the Bay Tree grows larger, I plan to re-pot on the patio and replace with a fresh shrub celebrating springtime colours. The Skimmia Temptation is dripping with gorgeous vibrant red berries which instantly evokes Christmas and adds some lovely colour to the arrangement. For a touch of extra festivity, I added some battery powered fairy lights for some Christmas twinkle – but you could try pine cones, greenery or even baubles!

For something a bit more classic, I created my second window box around a white theme. I’ve used White Perfection and Gaultheria - swapping my standard compost for an ericaceous version which is essential for keeping the heather happy! The combination of leafy greens, white berries and the white heather creates some gorgeous texture, and as the plants grow into their new home will spill beautifully over the edges of the boxes.

Pick up your window boxes and get started today! We'd love to see what winter themes you create.