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Tips for the garden this Easter weekend

It really doesn’t feel spring-like, does it! And with the weather forecast over the next week or so offering no promise it’s easy to be gloomy. But on the upside take a look around your garden or nearest park and you’ll see an abundance of snow drops, crocuses and tree blossom all ignoring the bad weather, plus the daylight hours are getting longer…these are all good signs!

So despite the cold and windy weather forecast this Easter weekend, take advantage of the 4-day break, wrap up warm and start tending to your garden to get on top of things for when the sun really does shine. 

We’ve teamed up with local garden designer, Adam Hodge from Oxford Botanica, to share his top 5 garden tips for this weekend:

  • Prune climbing and rambling roses, cut the prunings into small bits and put into a composter. Last year’s long new growths need tying, for which some garden string is essential.
  • Pop into your favourite garden centre and select some colourful Dahlia tubers and lilies and pot them together in a large planter. Don’t forget to get a bulb tray or two so you can take good care of the tubers and bulbs at the end of the year.
  • Young strawberry plants can be planted along the edge of your Manger planter, and for those with some wide window ledges plant them in a large galvanized trough planters; the fruits will hang clear and avoid damage from splashing or pests.
  • The gorgeous Christmas rose [Helleborus] is in full flower now. If you haven’t got any near your garden, plant a group of 5 in a large round galvanised planter. Every winter you can enjoy the flowers where they’ll be noticed. If you want to do the potting comfortably check out a range of potting benches.
  • Ornamental grasses should be cut down close to the ground to encourage strong new growth. A composter is the best place for all the cuttings.

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