The July Edit 2024

3rd Jul 2024

A kitchen countertop display featuring a stylish vase filled with flowers, an assortment of kitchenware measuring tools, and a medium sized storage jar, all arranged to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

It’s here: the summer month featuring constant cricket, Wimbledon excitement, music festivals, and vibrant garden parties. At home, embrace the bloom with roses, lavender, and sweet peas — floral classics which turn every outdoor area into a fragrant, colourful retreat. Entertaining? It’s time to elevate your kitchenware game so you’re well-equipped for garden gatherings. Timeless kitchen staples and serveware in beautifully contrasting marble, antique brass, and stoneware can transform any hardworking space into a coveted haven. Our tools don't just cook, store and showcase; this selection creates ambience every day, year after year, because style and functionality never go out of season.

Brompton Cake Tin in clay colour with a grey-flecked marble lid, shown in an elegant kitchen setting.


Enjoy a blend of functionality and elegance with our Brompton Cake Tin, designed to enhance your baking experience and your kitchen's look. Home baking reaches new heights with this chic new addition that’s crafted in a sophisticated Clay hue and seamlessly complements our steel Brompton kitchen collection. Whether you crave the timeless elegance of Classic Vanilla Cake, the indulgent richness of Chocolate Cake, or the tangy delight of Lemon Cake, an 8-inch cake tin is a versatile size that delivers. This kitchen staple features a stunning grey-flecked marble lid that can double as an elegant and super handy serving plate. An airtight silicone seal keeps your homemade creations beautifully presented and fresh for longer. Once the cake is gone, these versatile lids can be flipped over to stack the tins (if you’ve more than one), making storage both practical and aesthetically pleasing.

Brompton Dish Rack and Utensil Holder in antique brass, featuring a wirework frame with wooden handles, holding plates and cutlery.


Looking to organise your culinary arsenal? Gather your collection of essential kitchen helpers – from sleek spatulas to rustic wooden spoons – and display them proudly in our Brompton Utensil Holder. Keep your cooking companions close at hand, right where you need them. Designed to complement a variety of kitchen colour schemes, the Brompton’s Antique Brass-coloured Wirework frame and light-grey marble base will add a touch of style next to your hob or on a shelf, ready for meal preparation.


Elevate your washing-up experience with the delightful Brompton Dish Rack, inspired by vintage charm. Crafted with a Wirework frame and finished in Antique Brass, this piece seamlessly blends practicality with elegance. It accommodates up to 21 plates and includes a separate section for glasses, mugs, or cutlery. Designed for ease of use, it features two wooden handles for effortless mobility. Whether your kitchen boasts a crisp white aesthetic or a contemporary urban grey theme, the Brompton Dish Rack makes a striking addition to complement any décor.

Damerham Casserole Dish and Set of 2 Ramekins in grey, displayed on a kitchen counter, each containing ingredients for cooking.


Embrace the joy of cooking with our Damerham Casserole Dish, designed for the discerning chef who appreciates both style and functionality. Crafted to seamlessly transition from hob to oven to table, this versatile dish’s thoughtful design includes practical side handles and a lid handle for effortless manoeuvrability. Perfect for creating traditional favourites like beef and ale pie, chicken and mushroom, and vegetable lasagne, it’s also well-suited for a myriad of other culinary delights. This piece forms part of a wider kitchen ensemble; our coveted Damerham grey ovenware features stoneware pieces set to last a lifetime.


Indulge in gourmet creativity with ramekin cooking! With the help our stoneware Damerham Ramekins you can showcase your culinary prowess. Your best bet for delectable soufflés, creamy crème brûlées, or savoury pot pies, they provide perfectly sized portions for intimate gatherings or solo indulgence. Looking to create a cohesive look and feel? Elevate your dining experience by pairing them with other grey ovenware pieces from our Damerham collection, ensuring every dish is served with style and sophistication!

Granite Pestle and Mortar in natural stone finish, placed on a countertop with fresh herbs and spices.


Experience the essence of homemade excellence, one grind at a time with our Granite Pestle and Mortar. Crafted for durability, style and offering timeless elegance, its speckled grey finish adds rustic charm to any kitchen. Transform fresh herbs and spices into vibrant pastes for tantalising marinades. Crush roasted nuts into creamy textures for decadent desserts. Create bespoke spice blends that elevate every dish to gourmet status. From rustic guacamole to aromatic curry pastes, the possibilities are endless! Ideal for open shelving or countertop display, this essential tool stands ready for daily use, grinding spices, seeds, or nuts to perfection. This piece lets you embrace tradition and quality with every meal preparation—and quite frankly, your kitchen deserves nothing less! Packaged in a chic printed kraft box, it also makes a thoughtful gift for any food enthusiast.

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