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Take your Laundry back in time

The iconic energy saving clothes and laundry airer has been a proud part of the British household for over 100 years, and with its convenient and attractive way to dry laundry it’s once again becoming a popular addition to the home.

We’ve just launched our own brand of Ceiling Clothes Dryer here at Garden Trading and we’re loving it. We’re always reluctant to use the Tumble Dryer, not only because of sky rocketing electrical bills but also the demise of favourite jumpers. However, we hate having laundry hanging all over the place, meaning that you have to dodge around damp clothes all winter – or worse, have to do the whole wash over again because the dog managed to knock it over or the kids made a den out of it and left sticky finger prints everywhere.

So all in all we’re loving this charmingly traditional Ceiling Clothes Dryer that can dry our clothes in an economically friendly way, while keeping the clothes out of our way too. It feels strangely exciting using the pulley to lower/raise the drying rails, carefully crafted from Scandinavian Spruce with cast iron rack ends, and with 10m of strong rope, the dryer is easily adaptable to any living space.  We recommend installing this in a utility or laundry room, but it works just as well hung over the bathtub. I think this is the first time any of us have looked forward to doing the next wash load, just so we get to play with our new toy!

We’re also big fans of our Extending Clothes Dryer, available in Chalk or Birch and great for use in limited spaces as it folds back against the wall when not in use. The handy hooks double up as additional hanging space for tea towels or aprons, and it has a shelf on top for further storage or homely decorative touches.

Extending Clothes Dryer