Summertime Coolers: Lemon & Mint Infusion

26th Jul 2023

When the sun kicks things up a degree - or ten(!) - staying hydrated becomes a necessity. As well as keeping you and your guests well and truly refreshed, stylish serveware makes sipping every kind of ice-cold fruity and floral drink all the more appealing. Make the most of this weather by getting your hydration fix from a refreshing infused water; the perfect, natural summer elixir. Best savoured whilst sitting in a shady spot in the garden, this zesty and herbaceous infusion promises to revitalise your senses during the summer months. Enjoy!

Lemon and Mint Infused Water Recipe

The secret to making everything thrive in the home and garden? Just add water…! Alongside drinkware that’s perfect for serving up a delicious summer spritz, we’ve other essential coolers to ensure that your houseplants and garden grows won’t wither and wane. Browse our best buys for unlimited hydration, year-round.

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