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Spring Cleaning

Whether you love or dread Spring Cleaning each year, one thing’s for sure: it has to be done! Even the cleanest and most well-managed of homes has a few tricky corners that seem to have their own little dust factory in full operation, or that one cupboard where you swear the system makes sense, but somehow whenever you open it three sponges fall unceremoniously to the floor.

Spring is the perfect time to tackle all those jobs that need doing. Let the lovely freshness in the air inspire you to get your home clean and bright, and it doesn’t hurt that the weather is brightening up a bit too; it’s a lot easier getting laundry out of the way when it’s sunny outside and you can hang it up in the garden. The lighter evenings mean that it no longer feels that night has fallen what we return from work, so why not seize those last few hours and get everything really sorted?

Dusting is a great way to make your home feel cleaner, but it can be such a chore. Make life easier by keeping all your polish, sprays, Cloths and dusters in one place with of our handy Utility Buckets, just the thing to keep crucial bits together. With everything you need in one place, you can tackle every job in a room; spritzing the windows and getting those shelves clear is easier when you don’t have to keep returning to the cupboard for your cleaning equipment.

If you’ve been staring at the laundry basket for a while, we’ve got plenty to help you tackle it, including our Peg Jar and Clothes Dryers for when it simply isn’t warm or sunny enough to dry outside. Why not get the ironing done as well? Our Beech Ironing Board provides a smooth flat surface for ironing, although you may want to invest in our Ironing Board Cover to prolong your board’s life. Our Fresh Linen Mister is the perfect final touch to get everything feeling smart and fresh. Gently dampening tough crinkles so you can really get things smooth, you can even mix in a few drops of essential oils to give clothes a gorgeous fresh smell.


Once everything is clean, get it truly tidy and the job will be twice as easy next time around! Whether it’s shoes in the hall, magazines piling up, or general clutter lying around on tables, why not square everything away, returning them to their proper places or finding them a new home by exploring our Storage range? Whether you need it out of sight, within easy reach on the wall, or in one of our specialised boxes, having it in the right place will stop gubbins from gathering and needing clearing up later. You can even sort out those sponges under the sink!


We can’t make the jobs go away, but with the right kit, it’s bound to be that little bit easier!