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Show Your Garden Some Love This Autumn

Autumn is the perfect time to show your garden some tender loving care. Then when spring arrives it will return your love in (garden) spades.

Try these seasonal tips for bringing your Autumn Garden to life.

1. Stay on top of fallen leaves

It's much easier to rake them as they fall rather than waiting until later to try and clear them up in one go. Plus, this video from The English Garden shows you how to use leaf litter to make homemade leaf mould - a great soil conditioner.

2. Everything in order

Having a good sort out and storing items ready for the Spring will make sure your garden is easy to maintain and prevent breakages in high winds or rusting in wet weather. It will also give you a chance to see what spaces you have where you could add to your garden right now.

Click here for some outdoor storage  ideas.

3. Fill in the gaps

Consider adding additional greenery to your garden ready for winter to avoid a sparse, sad space after such a beautiful summer. The warm soil and cooler air is hugely beneficial to trees and shrubs at this time of year so will help them flourish.

From gloves, to supports and watering cans, here's everything you need to make Autumn gardening enjoyable and effective.

4.  Instant Beauty

Fill pots and planters with varieties that are already in full flower like these suggested by Alan Titchmarsh. He suggests keeping an eye on the weather, if you bring them inside to an unheated porch or conservatory they will likely give you a few more weeks of colour. Bonus!

View our collection of pots and planters ready to be filled here.

5. Fill with life

Don't forget your feathered friends, bumbling buddies and prickly pals. They will be very appreciative of food and shelter as temperatures dip and frost appears, bringing a hive of activity to your garden for you to enjoy.

Browse our selection of animal houses and feeders here

Even though you may have to wrap up warm to enjoy it to its fullest, Autumn is a lovely time for being in the garden. And with even a little TLC you will be richly rewarded by another burst of colour and life before Winter appears.

Happy Gardening!