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A Romantic Valentine's Dinner

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, a day that many of us view with dread. Will we get an embarrassingly large bunch of flowers sent to the office… or worse, none at all? Will we be treated to a romantic homemade meal featuring all of our favourite foods…or taken to some tacky chain restaurant to sit shoulder to shoulder with a room full of other couples having a ‘romantic’ evening out?

Here’s hoping for the large bunch of flowers and dinner at home option. Although sadly the setting of the table is often forgotten, with one sad candle flickering in the middle of the table, yet it is an essential part of the atmosphere and arguably just as important as the meal itself. It’s amazing how a few simple touches can lift an atmosphere in an instant.

We love our Cornbury Votives, they’re just so versatile for every occasion. Why not try filling them with fresh cranberries, or if you’re feeling really decadent go for rose petals, for that extra special touch give the pillar candle a spritz with some soft perfume before you light it and the room will fill with a warm floral scent, invoking instant romance.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to keep getting up from the table to fetch more wine, sadly most of us can’t afford a butler so invest in a simple ice bucket instead. This Ice Bucket that comes with a handy scoop (and hook) is really versatile, you can use it to stylishly chill a bottle of wine at dinner, or for people to self-serve ice at parties.

Your usual placemats with a bit of last night’s dinner crusted on one corner just won’t cut it, grab a nice set like this Set of 4 Slate Placemats, stylishly simple they look great with our Slate Cheeseboard and add some instant glam to any occasion.  

The little touches count. Don’t ruin your beautiful table setting with a tub of supermarket salt dumped on the table, instead add a charmingly rustic Salt Cellar paired with an oversized Pepper Mill to add some class to your table.

It’s all well and good having some lovely flowers, but unless there is a nice vase to arrange them in they may as well be a bunch of wilting carnations from the petrol station. This Recycled Glass Pickle Vase, with its rich colour and uneven texture, looks super stylish and will create a show-stopping arrangement for any room. 

All you need now is some nice crockery, a bottle of wine, some delicious food – and good company of course!

Help Yourself Slate Cheeseboard