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The Art of Recycled Glass

The Recycled Glass Range

Our Recycled Glass Range is bursting with character and yet remains simple and elegant.  This range with its organic shapes is made from  100% recycled glass and entirely hand-made in carefully selected factories.

The process for making these unique items:

Huge volumes of used glass in all forms, shapes, colours and sizes are washed before being cast into kilns where they are melted at extraordinarily high temperatures.  The result creates a roaring white heat of molten glass.

Skilled glass blowers then take a lump of the molten glass on the end of a metal pipe and blow out the shape of the product.  The glass can be blown into rough moulds to help form the required shape and ensure consistency of size.  Working quickly, once the desired shape is achieved the top is quickly trimmed or rolled whilst hot and then sent through a temperature controlled kiln which cools the glass from scorching to cold. This process is called annealing and reduces the stresses within the glass product, making it stronger and more durable.

Using 100% recycled glass not only reduces our waste foot print, but is a clear example of sustainability. The recycling process of glass also provides a sense of the perfect circle of life. 

We are passionate about our Recycled Glass Range and are confident they would make a great addition to any home.