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Garden Trading

Recycled Glass Range

We’ve just launched our new Recycled Glass Range consisting of gorgeous vases and bottles. Not only does this range look stunning with lovely curves and rolled tops, but as they are hand-blown from recycled glass, each piece is unique with some natural colour and size variation. It is this uniqueness that first attracted us to this range and which we’re sure you’ll love too!  

There is something very theatrical about watching the energy and fluid movements of a glass factory in momentum.  Having seen the crushed recycled bottles arrive in skips the process of sorting and rinsing this wasted glass is the start of creating new life for these discarded bottles and jars.  The cleaned glass chips are then tipped into the furnace where they are pulled out in molten lumps to be blown by hand into the desired shape.

The factory we work with has approx. 10-12 expert glass blowers who use wooden and metal moulds to guide the blown glass into the desired shape and we particularly like the rolled molten rim that is distinctive in this range. Now you know the effort that goes into making these products, if you purchase a pretty piece from this range, not only will you gain a gorgeous item you’ll also create a great talking point for guests!

Our Product Development team loves the Set of 3 Recycled Glass Bottles; with a cinched in waist packing bags of character, you just need to add a colourful single stem to each for the perfect table setting in a flash.

We also think that the Extra Large Glass Recycled Glass Vase looks particularly striking with only a couple of long stems or twigs, no need for lavish bouquets this creates enough impact with very little greenery!

Expand on the theme with our Recycled Glass Bowls, Glasses and Candles too for a completely unique and natural table setting.