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Presents are for the Present

Most of us have been there, 7pm December 24th, the blind, erratic chaos of last minute Christmas shopping. Clothes shops suddenly mutate into a human M25 with elbows in which everyone’s even angrier and blood, sweat and especially tears abound. Finally, when you’ve made your way home through the chaotic traffic as everyone tries to escape the carnage, you realise that baby blue jumper that you thought would look great on Auntie Suzie, rather than the 20 we all know she needs to wear, is only 12 (‘It’s a gift and a New Year’s resolution’).

It’s a dark, dark place but, and I know you might not believe me, it’s avoidable. Just please, please start thinking about presents now and everything, I promise you, will be as smooth as the airbrushing in the M&S Christmas Advert.

To get you started along the way, we’ve come up with a list of gift ideas online and originally titled ‘Christmas’ section. It’s got some great stuff organised into handy sections (there’s even a pets one, wouldn’t want anyone feeling left out during Christmas) and should have something for just about everyone, even perhaps Auntie Suzie.

Anyway, what else can do you now but strap in and embrace the spirit Christmas of the 21st century, with its outrageous street lights, fake snow and dreadful television (not the X Factor though, surely we’re over that one now). Oh, and remember, it’s okay to listen to Fairytale of New York again.

Present Sack