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New Painted Furniture Range

Spring has always been a bit temperamental in terms of weather. Some days are warm, sunny and bright, and others … well you find yourself snuggled up back indoors!

It can be hard to get a real sense for the season at this time of year, but our range of painted furniture is an ingenious combination of fresh yet warm tones that match any mood or weather, so whatever’s happening outside the window, your home feels just right.

We’ve updated some of our popular Indoor Furniture pieces over the past year to give it a twist that will enhance and complement any room. As always, the question of colour has been at the forefront of our minds. We’ve chosen two of our favourite neutral shades of Clay and Charcoal, and are excited to introduce our new Greengage colour, a warm but fresh green that is soft and bright and perfect for Spring! This calm and beautiful hue looks and feels like an instant classic.

Our Clockhouse Stools and ingenious Hungarian Settle Benches are both available in a gorgeous matt painted finish as well as our brilliant raw wood options – have an explore to see which colours are available for each and decide what you fancy!

With this weather, you might find yourself on a few muddy walks (whether you’d planned on it or not!), so why not take a look at our handy Wooden Welly Rack for your trusty boots, or our Hambledon Trunk to squirrel away rainy day essentials like umbrellas? Both boast a splendid Charcoal painted base, making them an attractive as well as convenient addition wherever you need them.

Whether it’s sunny or stormy, our painted range is a great way to effortlessly add a touch of colour to your home.