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New Orkney Range

One of the most entertaining things about a garden is sometimes spotting an animal in it, whether it’s a hedgehog scuffling about, a wren hopping along the fence, or a squirrel scrambling up a tree. We often hear about wildlife being threatened, and one of the best ways to do your bit to protect it is to create safe spaces in your garden where birds, small animals, and even insects feel safe.

The Orkney Range is designed to create these havens for wildlife in a way that’s easy for you to set up but still exactly what they are looking for. Each of our five houses has been crafted in sustainable wood that has been treated to ensure that they last as long as possible, and they have been stained rather than painted for the safety of the animals.

Designed specifically for smaller birds, our Bird House provides a safe nesting space with a door that is too small for bigger, bullying species and peckish predators to get into. With no perch for predators to grip on and a sturdy roof to insulate the house and protect it from the rain, this house has everything birds need to feel safe and cosy.

Our quirky and beautiful Insect House is designed to provide shelter for some of your garden’s most crucial visitors, even if some of us aren’t so keen on them! Providing a shelter for bees, ladybirds, and other beneficial species, this charming house will play a key part in your garden’s ecosystem.

For those who enjoy the antics of squirrels, our Squirrel House provides the ideal spot for a mother to raise her babies. Designed to be mounted among the trees, it offers a ladder so the little ones don’t lose their footing when leaving the nest. We recommend placing a stick through the entrance hole to ensure that the inhabitants can also easily exit the shelter.

Not everyone is a fan of bats, but most can agree that they would rather have them in a shelter than living in their loft! Bats also eat moths and mosquitoes, which can be far more of a pest. If you do decide to offer the local bats a place to roost, place our Bat House somewhere warm and sunny (but not too bright). Bats and their pups will appreciate having somewhere safe and warm to spend their sleeping hours.

Finally, we’ve designed a new Hedgehog House for our favourite prickly fauna. Our Orkney Hedgehog House is equipped with an interior tunnel and plenty of space for the spiky little animals to curl up and rest. Now that Garden Trading has two designs of house to choose from, the local hedgehogs will be spoiled for choice. If you do want to encourage spiny visitors, make sure that they can get in and out of the garden easily, and if you are really keen, set up food and water dishes to help them recover form winter hibernation.

There’s plenty you can do to help and encourage wildlife in your garden, but providing a safe space is a good place to start.