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National bird box week

Look out of the nearest window to you now. Grey skies, check. Trees buffeted in all directions by wind, check. Rain, very probable. Now, though we’ll all complain at being cooped up indoors this winter, but at least we have an indoors to retreat to! For the vast majority of British wildlife, life in the great outdoors has never been harder and our responsibility to help see afflicted fauna through to Spring is becoming increasingly important.

As I’m sure you can deduce from the conditions outside, it’s not an easy task to build a nest at the moment and as National Nest Box Week started on Friday we thought we’d provide you with a few ideas for Bird Houses that will provide warm, stable and comfortable environments for birds to raise their chicks.

A traditional Wooden Bird House can be attached discreetly to walls or fences, although it looks pretty great so there’s no real need to be discreet. Due to it’s small entrance it’s more likely to attract small birds such as Blue Tits or House Sparrows, lovely bit of bird song in the morning. 

Our Ceramic Bird House in Clay almost resembles a hanging lantern and a few of these hanging from a tree can really add a truly atmospheric dimension to a garden, particularly, of course, if they’re full of chirupping birds. The fact that they’re so isolated also means that they offer particularly good protection from those egg stealing predators.

Birds will often naturally choose hollowed out trees for nests. Thus our Northern Birch Bird House seems to be especially popular with all sorts of smaller birds as it recreates this effect quite beautifully. Each house is handmade so will naturally carry its own organic originality so there’s no harm in buying a couple...

Ceramic Bird House