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Making Apple Juice - A simple 'how to guide' for using our press

This is the perfect tool for those bumper crops of apples or even windfalls in the autumn.  Crafted in solid beech wood and cast iron, you can use this press to make your own pressed apple juice or even have a go at cider making.  Why not try pressing a variety of fruits?  The press can be used for pressing grapes, apples and pears – a great gift for those who enjoy something homemade from the orchard.
1.    Place the press on a flat surface, somewhere where you will be able to press down without the press toppling over once you start pressing the juice out. We recommend screwing to a fixed surface.
2.    Take out the wooden blocks, wooden pressing plate and metal pressing part.
3.    Place the net into the wooden basket making sure that the metal pole is fitted through the hole in the middle of the net.
4.    Cut the fruit down to a small size – it is best to use a food processor to do this to ensure that the fruit is cut small enough to extract as much juice as possible.
5.    Once all the fruit has been cut, spoon it into the net and place the two semi circles of the wooden pressing plate on top of the fruit inside the net, ensuring that they fit around the metal pole.
6.    Place the wooden blocks onto the wooden pressing plate, across the joints and stack them on top of each other, equally on both sides.
7.    Place the metal top pressing casting onto the pole and turning as if a screw, make sure it is tightly sitting against the wooden blocks.
8.    Place the metal bar into one of the holes on the pressing casting.
9.    Place a measuring jug or bowl underneath the spout.
10.  Begin to turn the bar and the fruit will begin pressing. Take care that the blocks are securely in place as you begin to turn the bar to ensure they are still tightly sitting against the pressing plate.
11.  Continue to press until the metal bar is close to the wooden basket –either fill the basket with more crushed fruit or use additional blocks to raise the bar.  We found using the blocks vertically allowed for more juice to be pressed from the fruit towards the end of the pressing.
Wash the press and all components with warm water, leaving the wooden blocks and pressing plate to dry out thoroughly.  Use sunflower or olive oil to keep the metal parts oiled and free from rust.

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