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Make a Hedgehog a Home

It’s that time of year again, November is the month when Hedgehogs settle in for hibernation through the Winter until March.

Lend them a helping hand with our Hedgehog House, providing them a safe and warm place to hibernate away from predators. The opening is small enough to prevent cats, dogs or foxes from getting inside and you may even find that after hibernation a female hedgehog decides to stick around and raise her family. Come Spring you’ll be rewarded, when your hedgehog will snack on slugs and beetles, leaving your plants free to grow unhindered.

A garden with some ‘wild’ elements such as piles of leaves and logs will attract hedgehogs to your garden, providing places for these nervous animals to shelter but also plenty of beetles and slugs for food.

Encourage them to return by providing food and fresh water, surprisingly they’re big fans of meat based pet food, minced meat and even boiled eggs! If in doubt though; you can’t go wrong with specialist hedgehog food.

Make sure your garden is a safe environment for Hedgehogs, cover any large holes or drains and if you have a pond ensure there is an easy route out for an hedgehogs unlucky enough to fall in! Small bricks placed at the edge should do the job. With Bonfire Night approaching, don’t build them too far in advance as they can make a very tempting hideaway for hedgehogs and check thoroughly before lighting.

If purchasing one of our Hedgehog Houses, leave the wood untreated as varnishes may be harmful to the hedgehog. Place the house in a quiet and sheltered part of the garden where the animal won’t be disturbed, against a wall or fence is preferable. Finally, don’t face the house north or north east - as the wind blows from this direction and it can make the home chilly and uncomfortable for your visitor!

Happy hibernating, we’d love to see any pictures of visiting hedgehogs!