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Light up Your Life: Stella Mannering Guest Blogger

Lighting is an essential yet often overlooked part of every home, leaving many a room lacking in lustre due to this simple omission. With the right lighting your home can look and feel amazing; from recessed lights creating sharp beams that dim to a gentle glow, to stunning wall lights illuminating a dark corner - these subtle differences can be used to create the exact mood you wish.

The lighting in a room either provides illumination for the entirety of the room, or it highlights specific elements; so it’s important to think about your requirements before embarking on a project to ensure you achieve the best effect. I love adjustable lights such as this Rise/Fall Grand Paris Pendant Light, not only does the fluted glass dome add some contemporary style but the rise/fall mechanism allows you to change the atmosphere in a room instantly – up high for a raucous family evening shedding light over the whole room, or down low for an intimate supper, casting shadows and adding instant warmth.

Clever lighting can make a small room seem large and airy, particularly when combined with light-coloured walls - the illusion of space is defined by light reflecting off the surfaces of the walls. If you’re working with a small space, try wall lights such as these trendy Shoreditch Wall Lights which will add some instant warmth to even the smallest areas. These lights are particularly useful as they can be adjusted easily by hand, such as to move focus onto a book for reading, then back against the wall to give that illumination small rooms really need.

It’s important to not get too caught up in the design elements of lighting, always keep in mind the purpose too. It’s no good having an office space that looks amazing but leaves you struggling to see your papers! Table Lamps are a necessary addition to any room, adding style as well as functionality. I adore the mix of materials used in Garden Trading’s Porcelain Ledbury Lamp, with the tactile oak arm making it really versatile.

Exterior light is often overlooked, yet it should be looked at as an extension of the interior, adding character to the outside of your property. Use it to light up porches, to sculpt pathways or add some practical style to your outbuildings. I’m a big fan of this Wall Mounted Fishing Lamp which adds a touch of the Mediterranean to our cold British homes!

 Ledbury Lamp

By Guest Blogger Stella Mannering, From Stella Mannering Interior Design
Stella's design ideas are inspired by a simple philosophy: your house should be a joy to live in. A philosophy that we at Garden Trading share!