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Jon's Christmas Wishlist

No more socks PLEASE! Any more and I may have to re-label and place them back under the tree “Sock Drawer Full”!

Hip flasks? I do have a lovely collection I must say but have only had a ‘slug’ once from a rather overzealous ski instructor in Austria brandishing one, my throat burned and he laughed – that old trick!

No, us boys are simple folk and we like simple kit. Gifts that work and have a genuine purpose. (I am not saying that socks do not work, they are just not very interesting!)

Here are items that I would genuinely be pleased to receive this Christmas:

Large Welly Doormat (A decent sized one at last)

Barrington Weathervane (It could be a challenge putting it up but we like a challenge!)

Apple Peeler (Don’t knock it until you have tried it!)

Gone Skiing Sign (My better memory of Austria)

Tide Clock (I’m still dreaming of a house by the sea…maybe one day)

Whitstable BBQ (Ditto)

Large Tube Thermometer (All men are weather obsessed, even more so with our unpredictable British weather)

Snow Shovel (You never know, it pays to be prepared!)

Galvanised Metal Grill Door Mat (Honestly)

Stainless Steel & Wooden Nut Cracker (I wish I had one in Austria)

Highly Strung Jar (I would get the joke)

Key Locker (Just a really good idea!)

Woodburner Set (I am sure that pyromania is part of a Man’s DNA?)


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 Jon Holloway - Founder