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Indoor Planting

Succulents make great indoor plants because they’re adapted to survive dry conditions. Our homes often contain dry interior air – undeniably not a houseplant’s best friend, which is why many don’t survive. Succulents, though, with their water-storing capacity, endure dry air without the side effects.

Our occupied lifestyles managing work, social occasions and a family life balance means were often on an exploration to find quick, easy ways to make our homes look and feel good. 

Succulents offer that use case. Boundless sizes, shapes and colours offer you the opportunity to use them like a fashion accessory to tie a structure to an already stylish modern space.

A flow of water on them once a week, and a sunny spot to help them grow will get you on your way to creating indoor planting felicity with minimal effort.

Pair with our range of delicate and tranquil terrariums. The graceful shape of the whole range works beautifully when filled with striking succulents.

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