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How to Pick the Perfect Lighting

Pendants, lamps, wall lights and spotlights. There are so many varieties to choose from it can be tricky to know where to begin when selecting lighting. So where do you start?

The first thing is knowing what you are hoping to achieve. It can be as simple as literally needing to add more light in a dark or dull room. But lighting can also offer the finishing design touch, atmosphere to an otherwise sparse room and ambience when entertaining friends over dinner. 

It's also important to pick the right type of light for each room. Bathroom lighting passes tests that ensure it is safe from damp and steam to avoid anyone getting seriously injured and outdoor lights are designed to withstand the elements. Even with living and communal spaces, picking the right light means you can avoid breakages or spending money on a light that doesn't quite suit the space.

Here is a breakdown of the 5 main types of lighting and the benefits of each style:

1. Pendant Lights

Double Paris Pendant Light above kitchen table

  • The style makers
  • The focal point of a room, drawing your attention to a particular area. 
  • Ideal for dramatic drops such as stairwells or high ceilings
  • Can be adjusted to your perfect height, allowing for you to personalise.
  • Align for a uniform effect

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2. Wall Lights

Westport Wall Light above armchair

  • The scene setters
  • Beautiful fittings add to your interior style
  • Ideal for targeting specific areas in the home that need brightening
  • Add warmth and ambience rather than intense light
  • We love them for living rooms, snugs and alcoves; where the relaxing happens

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3. Table Lamps

Portland Table Lamp next to plant in plant pot

  • The glow givers
  • Ideal for corners of the room
  • Perfect companion for evening reading and desk work, to reduce eye strain
  • The finishing touch for side and coffee tables 
  • Try adding to a stack of books to give a more contemporary look

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4. Spotlights

Three Chamonix Spotlights in ceiling

  • The workhorses
  • Perfect choice for limited space
  • Don't interfere with design if your choice is to highlight focal points besides lighting
  • Suitable for every room. No safety or breakability issues in children's rooms for example.
  • Can safely illuminate long staircases
  • Good near mirrors for even light distribution
  • Good choice for tasks: in the kitchen for cooking, or the garage and utility rooms where you need consistent and reliable lighting.

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5. Outdoor Lights

Finsbury Outdoor Light on brick wall

  • The all rounders
  • Ideal for safety by lighting pathways and providing security
  • Compatible with motion sensors, saving energy
  • Can draw attention to focal points within the garden
  • Use to create separate areas within the garden

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Still not sure which style to choose? View our customer favourites for more ideas.

Please remember, if you're shopping with your bathroom in mind, select a light made especially for that purpose from our bathroom collection.