How to Organise the Perfect Pantry

31st Aug 2022

Organised pantry in white with multiple storage jars

Pantry organisation can feel like an overwhelming task. Figuring out how to tackle the hundreds of half-used spices, already opened flour and sugar, the rice that’s spilled over too many shelves – where to begin? Perhaps you’re a seasoned pro, whose tackled spring cleans and come out the other side with a beautiful system of well-organised pantry shelves and jars perfectly filled with dried goods to keep you going all winter long.

Whether you’re a pantry-professional, or an overwhelmed newbie looking for a few tips to make your pantry cupboards function better, we’ve outlined some simple steps and clever solutions to make for the Perfect Pantry.

Clean out the Pantry

If your pantry isn’t working at all, it’s time to take everything out and begin cleaning. If it’s working well and simply needs a freshen up, take note of what’s currently functioning and areas that need improvement. Are you best utilising your shelf space? Do you often find you forget what’s right at the back of that cupboard? Do you love having your go-to-goods for everyday cooking within easy reach, but wonder what to do about everything that requires a step stool for access?

Once you’ve noted what’s working and what’s not, it’s time to do a big clear-out! Take everything out of your pantry, and as you go, check if there’s anything out of date, and get rid of it. Anything you’re not going to use but still within date? You could donate it to a local food bank or charity.

Now that you’ve wiped down every surface and binned any old food, we’ll move onto the planning step.

Selection of spice jars and storage jarsPictured: Top left - Radcot Storage Jar, Bottom right - Audley Spice Rack with Jars

Select Your Categories & Re-Organise

Think of your pantry in zones. Every pantry will contain different items dependent on your lifestyle. Maybe you’re a big coffee drinker, or you keep a snack drawer on hand for the kids' lunches. It might be helpful to organise your pantry in categories, such as dry goods, canned goods, breakfast foods, and so on, or it might be best for you to organise into use, such as everyday supplies that you’ll want in an accessible spot, through to least-used items. Maybe you also keep appliances in here for baking, and all your utensils tucked away.

Not to mention, your pantry might double as a utility room, where you need to keep cleaning supplies, clothes pegs, wellies and recycling. Your space needs to function in the best way for you, so begin by grouping everything as you’d like to see it organised on your shelves and in your cupboards.

Selection of kitchen area storage items

Our Pantry Must-Haves

Deciding what kinds of containers you’ll need can be tricky! We’ve created an easy cheat-sheet.

Pantry Shelving

  • If you’re lacking floor space but have the walls for it, opt for additional shelving, such as our bottle shelves or wall racks to keep your everyday goods easily accessible. While wall hooks make for the perfect places to keep aprons and even hang pots and pans.
  • On the flip side, if you have an abundance of floorspace, our storage units can add endless space for containers for your dry goods. Storage baskets and bags can sit on open shelving, acting as drawers to contain and group your supplies. Additions like shelf inserts help to make shelves function even better.

Storing Dry Goods

  • Keep all of your dry goods like flour, sugar, rice and grains in airtight containers, like our glass jars where you can see how much you have in stock, and steel canisters perfect for tea, coffee, and cereal.

Everything Else

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