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Half-Term Happiness | 5 Fun Things to Do Before School Starts Again

We made it half-way through half-term. But how do we keep going with fun things to keep everyone occupied through until Monday?

Don't fear, we have some ideas for activites that will take everyone outside for some fun. Even on grey cloudy days, or with light drizzle, sticking on wellies and a coat and heading outside can be enjoyable and rewarding. Sometimes it's just having an idea to get you going.

Here are 5 fun activities to try that will get everybody up and out of the house (with, hopefully, as few complaints as possible).

1. Go Geocaching

Try combining tech with the great outdoors to take part in a fun treasure hunt that works for every age. Simply download an app (like this one from geocaching.com) to find geocache locations all around the UK. Some places have little trinkets that you can take and leave something else in its place for the next person to find. Perfect for discovering places you never knew existed, right under your nose, there are many different reasons people enjoy Geocaching all over the world.

2. What Can You Find?

A game of collecting different objects. Make a list of items that the children need to find. These can be amended to suit different ages and encourage engaging with nature, which can be a welcome relief away from screen time. It could be as simple as finding 10 objects: a  leaf, a small stick or a pebble, for example, which can then be made more interesting for bigger kids: find the most unusual-coloured leaf, the stick that looks most like it belongs in Stick Man's family or a pebble that has a face. You can make it as difficult, or as simple, as you'd like and keep little ones moving along a loop or trail without too much complaining. For the GTHQ parents who've tried this one, they (not surprising) found that the motivation of a hot chocolate or babyccino at then end for all items being collected worked very nicely too! If you can't think of what items to find, you can purchase a ready made treasure map here at Treasure Trails.

3. Try a Trail

The good news is that there are a lot of outdoor places that have taken the hard work of finding inspiration out of your hands with trails and events that are fun for all the family. The National Trust has a whole heap of half-term activities all through the UK that are designed with kids in mind. Woodland Trust spaces are good for spotting wildlife and English Heritage sites have great play areas and days out  so you will be spoilt for choice - wherever you are.

4. Feed the Ducks

A classic, but who can beat the simple pleasure of making a duck happy with snacks? Don't forget feeding them bread is a no-no but the Canal Trust has a list of other munchies they will enjoy just as much. You can also download a duck guide to find your local wildfowl hangout.

5. Nature in Art

Head outside and locate some natural resources to make some beautiful pictures. This activity is definitely a win-win. First you get some energy released in the great outdoors and then you have something to keep the kids occupied when you get back home. What's not to love?! Try these ideas for creating art projects you will treasure.

When you're done exploring the great outdoors, don't forget to wipe those muddy feet and paws on your way back inside.

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