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Gunpowder, Treason and Pots

It’s finally time to get the gloves, hats and scarves out and finally embrace the chillly wonderment of the winter as Bonfire Night approaches. Get piling up those twigs, logs and leaves to get that perfect bonfire going, invite your friends round for the firework display that will inevitably end in the ‘you nearly had my arm off with that one’ moment but ultimately brings in winter with a bit of style. Make sure you’re being vigilant with the raking at the moment, not only are you saving your garden from potential damage, those fallen leaves will make fantastic tinder for that blazing bonfire. A wooden rake will serve you wonderfully over the next few months and the autumns to come. Snipping off deadwood from trees is also a brilliant way to top up the bonfire and keep your garden looking neat and tidy at the same time.

To build the perfect bonfire, it’s important not to think of it too differently to a regular fire, simply supersized. Keep the small kindling in the centre of the set up with twigs, stick, then finally logs (make absolutely sure you’re wearing gloves, this can be prickly work) piled up carefully around in the shape of a teepee. To get it started all you should need to do is drop a match inside and, if you’ve got a bit more luck than a certain Mr. Fawkes, it should burst into life in no time.

Kindling Bucket and match Box