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Grow your Own

It’s now a week into Lent and a week has never seemed so long; we’re dreaming about Chocolate, itching to log on to Facebook and are longing for that big glass of wine so intensely that we’re starting to worry we may have an addiction…

Are you struggling as much as we are? To distract ourselves we’re going to take the chance to get into some good eating habits now to balance out the binge we all know is coming the second Lent is over.

Start by throwing out those ready meals and jars of pre-made sauce and cook up your own instead. Growing your own herbs is a cheap way of adding some great flavour; just invest in a stylish herb pot such as this Kitchen Garden Bucket or this Grown in the UK Herb Pot with Scissors to keep on your kitchen windowsill and ensure fresh flavour is always to hand.

Feeling green fingered? Take it one step further and cultivate your own vegetable patch. Simply buy your vegetable seeds of choice (for sowing in February we recommend broad beans, aubergines, cabbages, carrots and chilli peppers – but always check the seed packet instructions first), sow in a sunny patch of land – as not only will your vegetables grow larger with plenty of sunshine, they’ll also taste sweeter.

Once planted, water regularly with a Watering Can and harvest when ready for super fresh, tasty and eco-friendly vegetables. It’s probably a good idea to invest in some Vegetable Markers too, so you don’t forget which sprout of greenery is which!

A Giant Colander is perfect for rinsing the dirt from your vegetables, simply throw them all in as you pick them and run under cold water, shaking them around the incredibly wide 41cm diameter of space to ensure there won’t be any unpleasant surprises later on. Then, store safely in a Vegetable Store until you’re ready to eat them, giving them plenty of air and room to breathe while increasing their lfe by keeping them away from the sunshine

There’s nothing worse than tending to your vegetable patch with love and care, only to find that the caterpillars have got there first and eaten everything in sight. Invite a hedgehog to take up residence in your garden by providing a safe and cosy Hedgehog House, it’s not widely known but a hedgehog’s diet mainly consists of beetles and caterpillars – everyone’s a winner!

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