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Garden Trading

Going Green: Committing to Sustainability

At Garden Trading, we understand the importance of responsibly-sourced materials. We have been making use of environmentally friendly innovations for some time now and, whilst we are not fully there yet, our range contains many recycled and repurposed products.

Playing our part in protecting the planet is why we ensure our products are crafted to the highest quality standards. We hope they will be loved and enjoyed for many years to come: reducing waste and countering the throwaway culture of recent years.

Recycled Glass

Cut flowers in clear recycled vases on a table

Produced in Europe and China our glass collections are hand blown using 100% recycled glass to create beautiful organic shapes. Because each piece is handmade, they have have their own unique size, colour and texture - which we think makes them even more special.

Discover our recycled glass collection here.

All-weather Rattan

Close up of all-weather rattan garden sofa with grey and white diamond patterned throw

Made from recycled plastic (PE/polyethylene) our all-weather rattan has been developed closely with the factory to be as natural looking as can be. With an almost tufted finish on some weaves, the woven rattan is extremely hardwearing and durable, making it a very practical weatherproof material for outdoor garden products. The rattan is hand woven over a lightweight but immensely strong aluminium frame and is both UV proof to avoid fading and waterproof. 

Explore our All-weather Rattan products here.

Recycled Plastic Bottles

Beautiful grey and white throw with diamond pattern

Given the amount of problems discarding plastic bottles causes, we are hugely proud of our Brockworth Throw. Any way plastic can be repurposed into something, not only useful but beautiful, instead of ending up on a beach somewhere is a definite win-win.

View the Brockworth throw here.


Close up of polywood outdoor sofa arm

Our Polywood material has the very realistic appearance of wood yet its made from 100% recycled plastic. Being more durable than real wood furniture sets, Polywood products can hapily live outdoors as they are weatherproof and hard wearing.

Discover our Polywood collection here

Reclaimed Teak

Close up on reclaimed teak table laid with plates and glasses

Our Reclaimed Teak is well-seasoned, naturally-aged and beautifully rustic in finish. The reclaimed timber is mixed with responsibly sourced (SVLK certified) newer teak to aid construction and is very durable in our climate. It will not shrink, move or crack due to the low level moisture and we finish the products with a wax seal. Over time the richer honey shade of thes seal fades to a beautiful silvery grey.

View our Reclaimed Teak products here.

Reclaimed Pine

Close up of reclaimed pine storage box in grey with grey and pink edged blanket

Our reclaimed pine is produced from old shipping pallets and designed to be used indoors. What we love most about this material is the rustic finish that's peppered with nail holes that add texture and give a nod to its history. We paint each piece with a soft layer of grey paint to achieve a 'farmhouse' finish.

Explore our Reclaimed Pine products here.

Small steps make big changes. Watch this space for more eco-friendly products as we discover more new and innovative materials every season.