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Gifts for the Baker

Baking has been sweeping the nation like never before over the last few years and it’s almost unavoidable that you’ll be buying a present for an addict this Christmas. We’ve compiled a list of all out products to give you a hand and make sure you don’t end up just getting them Bake Off box set. Get them one of these and you’ll have your year’s supply of cake absolutely sorted.

Small Egg Basket in Clay: You’d think after so many years someone might have finally come up with an interesting design for an egg box, sadly that’s not the case but fear not because with our egg basket, the baker’s staple can be stored with style. A great gift that can also add something to every kitchen.

Enamel Coffee Pot: A lovely little coffee pot that add just that bit of French joie de vivre to any obligatory baking party. They come in Flint and Shutter Blue and we still can’t decide which one we prefer! 

Kitchen Cutters and Flour Shaker: Ideal for the budding bakers out there this Christmas. A perfect mixture of charm and practicality, how can they not go down well? 

Cake Tin: Perfect for big cakes and cup cakes alike this cake tin is great for storage and looks fantastic. Slight risk though, it does say ‘cake’ on the side so don’t be surprised if there are a few pieces of sponge when you get back home. 

Recipe Box: It’s a great feeling when a self-created recipe turns out perfectly. Save the need to improvise again with our recipe box. It’ll protect your recipes from floury fingers and should keep the secret ones nicely hidden!  

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