Get the Natural Look with Festive Foliage

21st Nov 2019

Create a Christmas of natural magic, with foliage synonymous with the season. Whether you're a lover of everything crafty or a novice, there's simple yet effective ways to style your home at Christmas. From wrapping wreaths in greenery, stars in lights adding that finishing touch to presents under the tree. Let’s get crafting.

 Christmas Crafting

Adding foliage and flowers to the home can be understated or extravagant. We've gone for understated, using natural colours to complement rustic texture and shiny surfaces. This gives you the perfect base to layer colour onto, to suit your style. With this in mind, start with those key elements: 

  • A natural wreath or metal star
  • A trusty pair of scissors
  • Floristry wire or jute string
  • Eucalyptus and ivy
  • Wire lights
  • Candles and holders
  • Vases

All About Wreaths

The next step is getting crafty (and the little ones can help with this part too). Eucalyptus can be cleverly weaved between the rattan to create your base. Now, you can stop there and keep it minimal. Or you can start building up. We’re thinking seasonal flowers, pine cones, ribbons and dried orange segments. These not only add that bit of colour, but they smell lovely too.

Flowers can be tied together first in bunches or attached one by one. Spaced evenly or styled asymmetrically. Every time you add another element, hold it up to admire your work (this also helps with spotting gaps). Then finally add ribbon to the top ready to hang proudly from your front door.

Door Wreath

For our Farringdon Stars, start with fairy lights. That soft twinkle is what the magic of Christmas is all about. For that added bit of decoration wrap eucalyptus and ivy around the metal frame and secure with floristry wire or jute string. We love just a hint of greenery but there’s nothing stopping you creating a stand out star wreath with flowers.

 Farringdon Star

Magical Mantlepieces

Now your creations are complete they can be hung up for all to admire. We particularly love them styled pride of place above the hearth, giving a striking focal point to your living space. For that finishing touch, accessorise your mantlepiece with festive scented candles and vases with beautiful blooms. Or go big and bold using even more eucalyptus to create an abundant botanical arrangement.

Christmas Mantlepiece

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