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Preparing the Garden for Summer

After a beautiful weekend, gardeners’ thoughts often turn to how they can make their garden look even better for the next time good weather arrives. There’s plenty to get started on now that it’s warmer, and not just for sunny days.

This time of year is a fantastic opportunity to really get to work on planting; smaller plants that hid away in the greenhouse in the colder months may now be ready to be moved into deeper soil. Of course, first it’s a good idea to lose those weeds so you have some fighting room. Once you’ve cleared these out, you’ll be much better placed to plant things you actually wanted. When moving plants into new homes, don’t forget to mark out plants you need to keep an eye on. No use looking forward to fresh vegetables if you’ve forgotten where they are! Our selection of Tags and Markers will help you keep track of everything.

Another good job to brace your garden for warmer days is tying, training and trimming. Whether you’re attempting to get tomatoes to behave, have some creepers you’d like to encourage up the wall, or you’re interested in growing a screen, it’s a good idea to start training climbers before they really start shooting up. Cut away the more wayward branches; this helps to keep plants from spreading out too much, as well as making sure that the plant can focus its energy on growing the bits you wanted, rather than the ones you didn’t!  Once you’re satisfied with the shaping, tie it in place with a bit of string. With plenty of Plant Supports to choose from, you’re sure to find something to help train your garden the way you like.

If we manage to avoid the promised rainy days, another important job is keeping your garden well watered; warmer weather can take a toll on growing plants! This also helps to avoid rot in various crops.

Whether you’re adding in a few new pots, planting a young tree or getting your herb garden established, make sure you have everything you need for tying, watering and labelling, then sit back and admire your handiwork!