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Easter Entertaining

When it comes to Easter, people have all kinds of traditions to celebrate the day. The weekend can be in early or late Spring, but one theme holds true: the celebration of new life. The word Easter is said to come from Eostre or Ostara, the Germanic pagan goddess of Spring and fertility, who is traditionally depicted with hares accompanying her, which is where we draw our inspiration for the modern Easter Bunny. The Christian holiday of Easter, celebrating Jesus’ return the dead, similarly incorporates themes of rebirth and new beginnings. Whatever the reason behind the feast, today whenever we see the word Easter it tends to be surrounded with imagery of bright green grass, fresh flowers, and baby animals, emphasising the fresh hopeful feeling of the season.

For some families, painting, hiding and hunting decorated eggs is a big event; for others, chocolate eggs and rabbits are exchanged. Many have given up guilty pleasures or taken on new challenges over Lent, and whilst they have every reason to be pleased with themselves, they are quite looking forward to the days ahead when they can indulge or give themselves a break! Another feature of Easter Sunday for many is a special meal, traditionally roast lamb, where the family can come together.

We have lots of inspiration in our Table Top and Serving collection to make sure that your Easter Dinner is absolutely fresh and green and wonderful. Gather friends and family around our Hanborough Dining Table, made from reclaimed Elm to give the wood a new lease of life as a hub for entertaining that will last you a lifetime. We’ve drawn inspiration from natural materials and clean lines to set your table with undeniable Springtime style, whether you prefer the classic style of slate or the light weave of seagrass and rattan. Prepare and serve food on our Wychwood Beech Serving Boards, or for a truly special touch, indulge in a Marble Board or Cornbury Butter Dish that adds elegance without sacrificing a fresh aesthetic. To add a touch of taste to the table, why not invest in our salt and pepper pots crafted in natural granite or clean pressed glass?

Finally, serve your drinks in our Bistro Carafe and Broadwell Bottle Vases for a refreshing touch, and use our Bothy Troughs to decorate with a clean but earthy feel that’s perfect for Spring. Then sit down to enjoy with the people you love and have a lovely Easter weekend!