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Cool, Calm, Crisp | Fuss Free Interiors for Autumn

Whether you relish the cosy indoors or you're an outdoor person in every sense, it's inevitable that over the next few months we will be spending more times indoors now the cooler weather has arrived.

As lovely as it is to huddle in front of a warm and cosy fire, watching the latest boxset on TV as the cold winds howl outside, it's hard not to feel a little trapped after a little while.

Suddenly your house feels much smaller than it did during the summer months when the windows and doors were flung wide open and the amount of stuff invading your living quarters seems to increase with every passing moment.

But fear not, here are our top tips for keeping your indoor spaces calm and clutter free  this Autumn.

1. Definitely, Declutter

It's a little early still, but we all know what's around the corner. So before the big guy arrives, why not have a big clearout. Think about what you use, what you promise you will use one day and what you know in your heart you're unlikely to use again. Consider either selling items on ebay or if you're able to donate to charity which will make you feel good inside too, and much less guilty about parting with things you've barely used.

2. Autumn Audit

Take a good look around. What will you be using over the next few months? Make a list of items you know you won't need to use again until Spring and start to put them away. You might be suprised by the number of items you havce out or taking up space in your wardrobes that you won't touch for the next six months. 

3. Super Storage

" A place for everything and everything in its place". We've all heard this saying but it really is true. With a little order comes a lot of peace of mind. When everything is stored away neatly and you know exactly where it lives, there's no last minute rush to find things and you're not tripping over piles of stuff that don't really belong in one place or another.

Try categorising items so that you are putting like with like, and it's likely you'll stop the clutter creeping in. If everything you own can be found in any number of places around your house, you'll drive yourself mad trying to remember where you put it when you need it most. 

4. Stack 'em High

If you don't have endless floor space (and let's face it, who does) using storage that's either attachable to a wall like shelving, or vertcial box units will increase your storage capacity without taking up more space than you had to begin with. 

5. The Colour of Calm

To feel the calm we like to stick to accessories with a fairly neutral colour pallette, adding a few pops of colour or metallic highlights here and there. Not only does it make everything easy to style (as it already goes together easily) but it feels calmer when there aren't lots of colours competiting for your attention.

We are all guilty of holding on to things we don't need, dumping letters on the shelf by the front door or leaving last night's clothes hanging over the back of a chair when getting ready for bed. But just a few simple steps, we can keep surfaces and communal areas clean and stop the clutter from creeping in.

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