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Christmas Style | Top Tips from our Stylist

Our resident stylist, Sarah, has the kind of creative eye and flair that would make anyone tree green with envy. Taking a selection of different accessories, lighting and furniture and bringing it all together to create a beautiful picture may look easy but trust us, many of us here at GTHQ have tried - and failed.

So now December is here, we decided to tap into her talents and ask for her top tips for creating a beautiful, personal Christmas for the home so we could share them with you. 

1. Lights, Lights and More Lights

To add that special Christmas glow to your home, the best place to start is lighting. You can't go wrong when you begin with lights as the base for your decoration. The only two rules here are not to be shy (more is more) but stick to warm white. This adds warmth and atmosphere without clashing with your interior scheme and won't look too much. There's so much fun to be had decorating with lights. String them around pictures, doorways and ceilings or coil them in jars to reflect their glow. Limiting it to one, cosy, colour means you are free to style it your own way whilst keeping it easy on the eyes.

Festoon lights and a christmas tree filled with warm white lights and baubles

2. Make a New Family Tradition

This may seem risky when hoping for a stylish finish (come on, let's be brave!)  but perfection isn't the aim here; a personal homemade touch is truly hard to beat at Christmastime. Enjoy time together threading cranberries and bay leaves to make stunning garlands. It's an activity that will keep them busy, create some lovely Christmas memories and provide you with beautiful decorations. Everybody wins!

3. Borrow from Nature

With so much lovely foliage and colourful produce available at this time of year, there's so much inspiration to be had. One of my favourite decorations uses our Wells Windlight, a simple pillar candle and cranberries. Simply place the candle in the centre and scatter the cranberries around it. Just beautiful when the candles are lit and everything glows a lovely red. 

Using glass vases in different heights and widths and filling them with eucalyptus, holly or willow is so easy to do, yet makes stunning centrepieces for the Christmas table.

Mia in our product team now has twins of toddling age. This year she's used popcorn, cranberries and orange slices to make decorations safe for inquisitive explorers.

Natural tree decorations for the Christmas Tree

4. Shape to Finish

Simplicity is often the key to bringing different aspects of decoration together. Using similar materials and natural textures against the warmth of Christmas lights is a great way to ensure everything feels like it fits together. It’s sticking to a simple colour palette but adding in a variety of shapes and finishes. That's why we love the Farringdon Star . It's so easy to wrap Ivy around for a simple yet effective outdoor or indoor decoration.  

5. Add Magic with Love

Finally, each year, pick one ornament or decoaration that has real meaning. Maybe it's to mark a milestone, or it's inspired by a loved one who can't share Christmas with you. Or perhaps it's to remember the year that's passed. Either way, start with your standard glass and metallic baubles and add in the special ones as you go. Balancing the colours and sizes on either side, and stepping back to check every so often how it's looking altogether.

Bonus Tip: If you want to keep foliage and flowers looking as fresh as can be, here's a tip from our top gardener, Karen: Place plants and flowers outside at night, this will keep them at their best for double the time!

If you have any ideas or rules that you live by when decorating your tree or adding little finishing touches, we'd love to hear them. Please feel free to add any suggestions in the comments below.