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British Egg Week - it’s no yoke

After the beating it has taken through the years from nutritionists and politicians alike, it finally seems that the good old egg is in the clear. Recent research shows that the fat contained in yolk
is not easily absorbable into the human body and thus the benefits of high protein and a big dollop of Vitamin D can be enjoyed guilt-free. Because they’re such a staple of the British diet, the humble egg can often find itself under-appreciated in our culinary circles, used and abused, rarely celebrated.

This is why we think it’s time to get involved with British Egg Week, running from September 30th to October 6th. While the discussions during the week probably won’t go as far to get to the bottom of ‘what came first?’ it might cause some lively, and no doubt heated debate on the best way to cook an egg, the importance of free range and organic (both, of course) and inevitably, the best way to store eggs.

In terms of giving you our opinion on that one, we’re firmly of the belief that eggs should be kept outside of the fridge as British eggs aren’t washed like American eggs when collected, which allows the cuticle to remain intact and therefore stay fresh for longer.

In fact a nice egg basket can make a wonderful and homely addition to any kitchen - far nicer than hiding them away in the top shelf of a fridge. We’ve got some great egg storage solutions in our collection and for those feeling a little more egg-centric (you knew that one was coming) then we’ve even got a fun, but highly practical egg run … for children of all ages.

Egg Run in chalk