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Our Bothy Collection

Our Bothy collection

Our rustic Bothy Collection has been very well received, prompting us to launch new additions to the range this Spring.

Paulownia Wood
Our Bothy products are crafted from Paulownia Wood. This tree is extremely fast growing and can be harvested for Timber within just 5 years, making it a great eco source for wood. Cleverly, after being cut for timber, the Paulownia Tree regenerates from the existing root system which has earned it the nickname “Phoenix Tree”. It’s also known as the “Princess Tree” as it was once customary in Japan to plant a Paulownia Tree when a baby girl was born, with the fast-growing wood then being made into a dresser as a wedding present when she married.

Due to this easy availability and sustainability, Paulownia is an affordable wood that is very popular and in China, Korea and Japan it is used for making traditional musical instruments or clogs. Paulownia is also used in agroforestry systems as the wood is light but strong, flowers are rich in nectar, the leaves are good fodder for farm animals and its leaf canopy is quite sparse so crops below get a beneficial combination of light and shelter.

We love the versatility of this wood, and the fact that it’s very light, fine-grained, soft and warp-resistant makes it perfect for hand carving into our collection of Bowls, Troughs and Trays. In the manufacturing process, the outside shape is machine cut while the inner is then hand chiselled and sanded to create the smooth design. As each item is hand crafted from a natural source, you will see that they vary massively from pot to pot – we just love how unique this makes each product!

The Bothy Collection
The Bothy range offers great value, with the smaller items starting at just £6.50. The larger items are more expensive since they use more wood and therefore require a more mature tree that is large enough for us to create the item from one piece of wood– but we think it’s worth it, with the Long Tray and Extra Large Trough looking stunning on big island or table. 

We’ve opted to add a soft grey wash over the top of our Paulownia products as we thought this slightly aged finish created a stunning effect. This collection can be used for almost anything in your home, with the rustic design sitting beautifully alongside any décor scheme. The two Bothy Pots (WBWO05 and WBWO11) have a waterproof sealant coating the inside to add some water resistant and ensure that they can be planted with small herbs or pot plants; whereas the trays and troughs can be used for storing odds and ends or just as a display feature in their own right.

Our product developer, Sarah Morison, named this collection ‘Bothy’ after the word for a simple Scottish shelter found in the Highlands designed to offer basic shelter for gamekeepers. She comments that “These bowls felt in keeping with a more primitive and rural way of life which is why I thought the name quite evocative.”

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