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A lovely home for a needy hedgehog …

In recent times hedgehog numbers have dramatically declined - when did you last see one of these prickly, nocturnal cuddly creatures, scuttling around at night? Their decline is down to more intensive agriculture, with pesticides destroying their prey, intensive building of roads and housing and other human interferences.

Just woken from its winter sleep, thousands of hedgehogs will be looking to take up residence for the summer, many of them wanting a nice, safe garden to make home. This will be a welcome site for any keen gardener as the hedgehog’s favourite food of slugs, caterpillars and snails, happens to be the gardeners worst enemy, especially at this time of year.

So why not encourage hedgehogs to hang out in your garden by providing a custom made home? They love our specially designed hedgehog house that is safe and secure, with just a small opening to prevent cats, dogs and foxes from getting in. It is best placed in a quiet, sheltered part of your garden, preferably against a wall or fence. We can’t guarantee a resident, but they need all the help they can get.
You can also help build up their food reserve (remember they won’t have eaten for months) by leaving some food such as chopped up cooked meat, unsalted peanuts and plenty of fresh water in their new home. Don’t feed them milk – many people think it’s what they need but it is actually really bad for them as they are lactose intolerant. And if you’re lucky, they might actually choose to have their young inside their new house and wouldn’t that make you feel good?

Hedgehog House