5 Steps for Creating a Smart Work Haven

19th Mar 2020

Working from the comfort of your own home can be one of the benefits of flexible working models. However it’s important that you remain just as productive and effective whilst being in the space you usually reserve for retreating to relax and unwind. We have five simple suggestions to create a work space that works for you.


Not everyone is blessed with a home office, sometimes space has to be given over to everyday living or family life. However even small nooks, or corners, can be used smartly to create a clear zone for work. Vertical storage, using shelving uses the heights of your walls rather than cubic metres to help you achieve what you need.

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Staying on top of task and to-do list is that bit easier with the correct desktop storage to sort your paperwork and your priorities.

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Creativity begets creativity. Find colours, quotes and artwork that spark ideas and provide the inspiration you need when you draw a blank or get writer’s block. Pin them in view so there are then when you spend take a break or find yourself staring into space for a moment (it happens to us all).

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Add some life to your space with plants that not only add oxygen into the room, but which keep you connected to nature even when you’re stuck inside for the day. With their welcome pop of fresh colour, they ensure your desk is a welcoming place you feel happy to spend your time within.

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Being focused and on-task can sometimes mean the hours fly past without you taking care of your most basic needs. Ensure you stay well-hydrated to avoid becoming over-tired and groggy by keeping drinking water close by so you needn’t leave your workspace to feel refreshed.

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